How To Sell on Facebook: Selling To Your Facebook Followers

By now, most companies are realizing that Facebook has the potential to cause a massive increase in sales. For the sake of space, I’ll save the success stories and get right to the tactics. When people hear about social media marketing, and the powerful success stories, they often wonder how you can actually sell on Facebook.

Isn’t it just a place for people to reconnect with long lost friends?

Yes, actually it is.

Which is why you need different sales tactics for it to be successful.

Think of Facebook as a party, a place where people get together to connect, relax, and have fun. If you walked into a party (no matter how well dressed you were) and walked up to someone and said, “I have a $35 product you need to buy,” the big guys would probably tell you to leave.

The savvy salesman knows, however, that the key to interactions like this is through “sneaking in” under their sales radar, and building enough rapport to lead someone to their purchasing decision on your own. Through Facebook, this is done by using content and indirect selling techniques to spark people to buy from you.

Say you are Joe Automotive, and your shop is about to run a special on break jobs for the upcoming month. Start posting on your Facebook articles and tips about how bad it can be if you have faulty brake pads.

Further your customer’s curiosity by showing how well qualified your company is to handle the job, and that your company can take care of their brake (and automotive needs). The wrap it all up by dedicating a special coupon to your Facebook fans to get their brakes done.

Not only have you led your customers to make the purchasing decision on your own, but you also have given them an incentive for being your Facebook friend. This is how selling on Facebook actually works.

Source by Jerry Nihen

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